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KC Regional Response Fund

In times of crisis, our community comes together. All donations to the Kansas City Regional COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund are being distributed to organizations to help not just the sick, but people who are struggling to find child care, feed their families, or simply keep the lights on.

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The needs in our community continue to grow. Since the launch of this fund, a total of $93 million worth of requests have come in from organizations seeking support. Give now to help Kansas City take care of its own.

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Innovation Springs from Necessity

We’re a small organization and adapting to the delivery model has been incredibly positive during COVID-19.

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When I heard about the fund, I felt a sense of relief. I realized that our community was there and was doing what it could to help support our work. – Grantee representative

Answers to Common Questions About the Fund

  • The fund was designed to have two phases: The short-term response is for the most urgent needs, while the recovery period is reserved for long-term issues in the region. However, funding may need to be adjusted to meet changing needs.
  • Jackson, Clay, Platte, Cass, Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami & Leavenworth
  • An advisory board was created to review and evaluate grantee proposals. Several members read each proposal and rate them based on the below criteria. Proposals with the highest ratings are funded.

    Criteria for Grantee Selection:
    • Addresses Urgent Needs (food insecurity, housing, childcare, healthcare)
    • Capacity to deliver service quickly & efficiently
    • Supports known vulnerable populations including Black, Latinx, immigrant, senior citizens, LGBTQ+ and low-wage workers
    • Does not raise significant operational/administrative uncertainties
    • Advances services across the region
  • Although there’s no specific timeline, turnaround has been quick with grants going out within a few weeks. Additional grants will be released on a rolling basis as needs are identified throughout all phases of the crisis.
  • All grantees select a reporting deadline based on the timeframe within which they intend to use the dollars. At that point, a detailed grant report with narrative and quantitative data is due. Most grantees have selected a deadline within six to eight months of grant receipt.
  • No. In order to respond to as many requests as possible in the Kansas City area, we did not limit grant requests or recipients. In fact, less than a third of the grantees are current United Way partner agencies.
  • To select community programs at partner agencies, we use a rigorous review and accountability process based on their effectiveness and successful outcomes. Partner agencies receive grants through United Way’s Community Impact Fund, our triennial grant process.
  • The United Way serves all the counties in the greater Kansas City area: Jackson, Clay, Platte, Cass, Johnson and Wyandotte. This fund will also address needs in Miami and Leavenworth counties, which we do not normally serve.
  • We are still accepting donations from institutional givers, but we are not actively seeking them.  We are also no longer receiving individual gifts. We are accepting gifts that can be designated to an Impact Fund focused on Covid-19 Recovery, but that is different from this fund.
  • It’s easy for individuals to make a difference in our community. And there are lots of ways to give, including one-time donations and monthly payments. Visit here to learn more.
  • We’re always looking for volunteers to support our mission. And during the current COVID-19 crisis, we’re making sure you can safely help your neighbors. Find opportunities near you.