Loads of Love Delivers Hope to Local Schools

Dr. Michelle Butler is hoping for a big Giving Tuesday.

Local schools are benefiting from generosity of the community

Dr. Michelle Butler is hoping for a big Giving Tuesday. Her school, Center for Alternative Instructional Resources (CAIR) in Grandview is one of the schools in line to receive a washer/dryer set if the $25,000 goal is met. Up to this point, teachers have been taking students’ clothes home and washing them.

“For a lot of kids, it’s hard enough to get up and get dressed and get to school without having to worry about what they’re going to wear today,” Dr. Butler said. “If we could do their laundry here at the school, it would give them one less thing to stress about.”

Every day, children miss school because they don’t have access to clean clothing. On-site washer/dryer resources lead to improved attendance, provide tools for life-skills classrooms, and help involve parents into the school setting. That's the idea behind Loads of Love, which is in its fourth year at United Way of Greater Kansas City and has helped improve attendance at several local schools. The program truly is a life-changing addition for students like those that Dr. Butler assists every day. 

 “We have one young man who’s worn the same outfit for three straight days. If we had a washer and dryer here, it would be outstanding,” she said. “It never ceases to amaze me how a small thing like providing clean clothes turns a kid’s world around. When you give money to support Loads of Love, that’s the basics."

You can make a difference through Loads of Love throughout the week of Giving Tuesday. Just text 'LoveKC' to 41-444 or visit the giving page