Leadership Circle


The Leadership Circle represents leaders from throughout the metropolitan area who come from different neighborhoods and embrace various cultures. But at the core, they have distinctive characteristics in common. Each Leadership Circle Memeberpossesses a compassionate spirit and a desire to take action. The result of their investments is a caring community that is resilient in the face of change and responsive to new challenges. The members of the Leadership Circle are committed individuals who give graciously to our community. They are leaders who possess true generosity and a commitment to today’s challenges.

Giving Levels*

Red Feather Society $1,200 – $2,399 annually

Torchbearers $2,400 – $4,799 annually

Community Builders $4,800 – $9,999 annually

The benefits of being a member of the Leadership Circle begin with the example that you are setting to your peers, family, and community. We will also recognize you in our annual “Leaders in Giving” registry. This registry is compiled by company so that you can join your fellow co-workers and take pride in being a true leader in your company.


*To qualify for Leadership Circle membership, donors make a personal gift or combined household gift of $1,200-$9,999 annually. Please notify us at (816) 559-4650 if we should correct your records to indicate a combined gift between you and your spouse or partner, to bring you to the Leadership Circle level.