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Kids4Kids is an easy way for children to help other kids that may not be as lucky as they are - by sharing their birthday gifts!

What do the kids need to do?

1. Plan a fun birthday party! Have your parents help you print the invitation insert found on the left hand side of this page to let your guest know how they're helping and who they're helping!

2. At the party, pile up the gifts and talk about where the presents are going. Just think about how much those presents are going to mean to kids who don't have what you have.

3. Think about what you've learned and how you can share it with other kids just like you. Think about the difference it will make when every kid you talk to talks to another kid and on and on!


What do the parents need to do?

1. Watch the Ansteroid Andy video with your child and determine whether this is something they want to do. If they'd rather not, that's okay. It's best not to force them to participate, as it could have more negative effects than positive ones. Instead, continue talking to your child about the needs in our community so that they may want to participate in the future. One alternative is to consider having your child donate only a portion of their presents, at least for the first year.

2. Help your child plan the party, and include the printed invitation inserts to let guests know of the plan and to provide suggestions for useful gifts.

3. Thank your guests for the generous gifts. The easiest way to do this is to have thank you cards ready to hand out at the party. It saves time and stamps!

4. Drop the gifts off at any of the United Way offices listed on the left hand side of this page. Call (816) 472-4289 for directions and hours. We suggest delivering the gifts as soon as possible so your child's temptation to keep them is limited!

5. After the party, talk to your child about how much they helped another child by providing smiles, inspiration and hope in a situation where it's greatly needed. In return, he or she will be learning empathy, gratitude and philanthropy in a very real way.