Board/Committee Opportunities


Thanks for your interest in lending your time, talent and treasure to a nonprofit board or committee.

Opportunities are listed on the left in alphabetical order by organization name. Each entry lists the following items:

  • 1. Organization name
  • 2. Physical address
  • 3. Web address
  • 4. Mission statement
  • 5. Contact information
  • 6. Opportunity type
  • 7. Roles and responsibilities
  • 8. Specific expertise and requirements
  • 9. Time commitment
  • 10. Financial expectation

Please review the resources listed in the left column as you consider joining a board. Many of them will help you with understanding the duties and responsibilities board members have, and questions to ask the organization during your interview.

The guide is updated on an ongoing basis, so please feel free to check back frequently.

If you are recruiting for your respective nonprofit board or committee, please click here to complete the online application. The information will be added to the current guide.