United Way is advancing community impact in everything we do to assist people to achieve financial independence and stability. We are focusing our work around the following financial stability outcomes:

  • People attain the education, life skills, employment and/or community resources needed to increase income and save for their financial security.
  • People, including the homeless, live in safe, appropriate and affordable permanent housing.
  • People access transportation to ensure mobility and quality of life.
  • United Way also works to ensure that safety net programs or services address critical needs found in our community for individuals or families who face chronic, ongoing conditions or short-term crisis and/or disaster, with the recognition that some persons may never be able to be independent. We are focusing our safety net work around the following outcome:

  • People facing chronic poverty, crisis or disaster access timely assistance to address life-sustaining basic needs, such as food, utilities, clothing and shelter.
  • We create change in this impact area in these ways:

    Decade of Difference

    Many of today's young people are not adequately prepared to contribute to succeed in today's knowledge-based economy. In Greater Kansas CIty, half of those living poverty are under the age of 25. In response United Way of Greater Kansas City launched "Decade of Difference", evidence-based approaches to increase the financial stability of at-risk youth and young adults during that critial transition decade of ages 16 to 26.

    Relationships with Partner Agencies
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    Bank on Save Up Kansas City
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    Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach
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