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Living a dream, thanks to United Way's LAUNCH program

Growing up, Will Medina never thought his dream of going to college or pursuing music as a career would be possible. As the child of immigrants, he and his family faced many challenges during his youth.

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When Maggie Moore’s three-year-old son, Isaac, was diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) in 2016, the prescribed treatment was an overnight change in his diet —a significant and costly change.

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My Very Own Library author spotlight: Diana López

It’s not every day that a child has the opportunity to visit with the authors of some of the most popular kids’ books.

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literacy program helps students create their own home libraries

My Very Own Library initiative will provide 35,850 new books to children at nine area public schools.

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United Way Spotlight: Amy Barrett

#LoadsofLoveKC began in 2016 as a special Giving Tuesday campaign to positively change school attendance culture in our community.

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From the cycle of instability to independence

“I was at work one day and I got a phone call from my sister saying ‘Sherrell, they’re shooting up the house.’”

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Cherokee Nick

Cherokee & Nick's Story

Cherokee Atkins can quickly list what she wants for her 2-year-old daughter: She wants her to grow up in a stable home. She wants her to feel financially secure. She wants her to have the opportunity to go to college.

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Kathy David

Kathy's Story

Kathy David's health problems could have been the end of the road. But a nearby United Way-funded health clinic offered her a new beginning.

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PY Courtney

Courtney's Story

Giving a teenager high-quality resources outside the classroom change a life. It has for Courtney Calhoun.

“These programs open the door to a world of possibilities,” she says. 

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Jenny Miles

Jenny's Story

Jenny Miles realized in order to be happy, she needed to get help. And help was there for her thanks to United Way supported programs and resources.

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