November 28, 2017 (All day)

Giving Event

We’re just one week away from Giving Tuesday! Help us spread the word.


We’re just one week away from Giving Tuesday, and we’re already over $800 on our way to $15,000! That’s so exciting, and now is the time to help us kick this into gear for next week! Here’s how:

You can give!

OK, this is obviously the most direct way to help. You can make your gift by texting ‘LoveKC’ to 41-444 or donate online now. But there’s a lot more you can do to help us make this a success.

Join Us on Facebook

Invite your friends and family to the event page, and ask them to share the event with their social circles. During the holiday, let your friends and family know about this unique cause! You can be the face of change!
Adding the #LoadsOfLoveKC Facebook profile picture is easy. Click 'edit' on your profile picture and click 'add frame’. If you like the UWGKC page on Facebook, you can just select the #GivingTuesday overlay. If you DON’T already like the page, search ‘United Way’ and choose the #GivingTuesday overlay.

This week is the time to make change happen for 5 schools in our community. Make a gift and help spread the message. Together, we can reach our $15,000 goal and provide kids with access to clean clothes and their best chance to attend class! Who can’t get behind that? See you on the other side of $15,000!

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