On behalf of United Way of Greater Kansas City, thank you to everyone who donated in 2018. When you give to United Way, you’re giving back to Kansas City. This year, you gave generously and empowered thousands of Kansas Citians to create their best lives for themselves and their neighbors.

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Ask people like Will, who graduated from United Way’s LAUNCH cost-sharing college and career program.

“It made a world of a difference,” Will said. “It not only made college possible, but it definitely set up foundational money-saving skills. The program solidified what’s important and how to do it.”

Ask people like Amy Barrett, a Raytown High School counseling secretary who has made it her mission to help ensure students’ basic needs are met.

“These kids, when you make that connection, it’s sometimes their first time knowing somebody cares, somebody is really there,” Amy said. “Ms. Barrett’s going to fix it for them. Just go ask her for a shirt, go ask her for a snack.’ That’s where it all starts.”

Ask people like Sherrell, who broke the cycle of instability to give her daughters a better life.

“With that support — financially, emotionally, just being there — it meant the world to me and my family. The support system is so strong with me that I feel it, I love it. It’s allowed me to move forward in life.”

It takes everyone to create this kind of impact. So, we thank you – all of you in the Kansas City area, from our business partners to our individual donors for providing the support to build a stronger, more thriving community, and for helping us continue to Live United.

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