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Thank you for choosing to donate to United Way. Your generous donation helps us make positive changes for those in the Greater Kansas City area.

African American Leadership Initiative

Our African American Leadership Initiative, founded in 2013, brings together African American philanthropic leaders as a mobilizing agent for social change, resulting in measurable impact on a scale that would otherwise not be possible. Collaborative in nature, members of this new giving society will direct resources generated to address systemic issues facing the African American community in the areas of poverty, literacy, career readiness and well-being.

Benefits for members include exclusive networking and professional development events and an annual reception celebrating the change that people like you make possible through your continued support of United Way of Greater Kansas City. Membership is open to African American investors who donated $2,400 or more annually (either individually or as a combined household gift.) There is also a three-year step-up option -- donating $1,600 the first year, $2,000 the second year, and $2,400 the third and following years -- while enjoying all the benefits of membership beginning the first year.

United Way African American Leadership Initiative Founding Members: Paget and Debbi Alves, John and Joanne Bluford, Pete and Roslyn Burney, Karen Daniel, James and Tammy Edwards, Mike and Monica Goodwin, Leo and Yvette Morton, Kim and Nikki Newton, Walter and Jon Porter, Ralph and Leisa Reid, Brent and Monica Stewart, Oscar and Ratana Tshibanda, Maurice Watson

For more information about the African American Leadership Initiative, please contact Karen Boyd at (816) 559-4645.

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Diamond Donors

“You should give all your life – you don’t quit! I know that United Way will give the money to help those in need because it’s a bona fide organization. That’s the joy of giving to United Way – I know it’s going to the right places.”

~ Bob Corbett, United Way donor for 60 years

 “Giving is like the golf shot that keeps you coming back. It’s hard to describe but easy to feel. I get such a good feeling from doing something good.”

~ Rob Smith, United Way donor for 27 years

Diamond Donors know better than anyone the joy and good feelings that come from giving, especially for a quarter century or more.  United Way of Greater Kansas City is proud to recognize the more than 1,200 generous individuals in our community who have made that commitment and who have helped us build a stronger community for decades. Last year, these loyal supporters contributed more than $1.6 million to United Way.  

We appreciate every gift made to United Way, but we appreciate most of all those dedicated investors who have made such an invaluable, ongoing investment in helping families throughout our region. Diamond Donor membership is open to everyone who has donated to United Way for 25 years or more, in Kansas City or in any other community.

Our Diamond Donors receive special communications about United Way’s work throughout the year and are invited to our special events, including our Spirit of Caring campaign kickoff luncheon and our annual Victory Celebration. 

If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact us at (816) 559-4625.

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Latino Leadership Initiative

A new giving society in 2014, the Latino Leadership Initiative will bring together Kansas City’s Latino community to address the most pressing needs in our community and build a stronger, more thriving Kansas City for all of us. Those who join this new affinity group will have the opportunity to help develop the strategic investments this group will focus on in the coming years.

Latino Leadership Initiative membership is open to Latino investors who donate more than $2,400 or more annually (either individually or as a combined household gift).There is also a three-year “step-up” option, with members enjoying all the benefits of membership beginning the first year. Those currently not giving $2,400 may become members by giving $1,600 the first year, $2,000 the second year and $2,400 by year three.

For more information about Latino Leadership Initiative, please contact Karen Boyd at (816) 559-4645.

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LINC - 30 and under

This new donor group is open to those age 30 and under who invest in the work of United Way and who are passionate about volunteering alongside their peers, developing new skills and getting involved to build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Membership in LINC will provide participants with ample social volunteer opportunities.

LINC is the perfect way for individuals just starting out in their profession to meet their peers while also making a real difference in the five metro-area counties served by United Way of Greater Kansas City. Membership is open to donors ages 30 and under who make an annual undesignated gift of $250 or more to United Way.

Go here for more information or contact Liz Wilkin at (816) 559-4612.

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Women United

The United Way Women's Leadership Council is the largest women's philanthropic organization in the world. Since its founding in 2001, Women's Leadership Councils worldwide have raised more than one billion dollars to support the programs and initiatives led by United Way.

Women's Leadership Council came to Kansas City in 2009 and now includes more than 400 members, a diverse group of like-minded women who provide leadership gifts to United Way and who strive to make a positive impact in our community. Members enjoy a wide variety of activities throughout the year, including networking and professional development opportunities as well as hands-on volunteer opportunities.

Membership for the Women’s Leadership Council begins with an annual contribution of $2,400 or more.To provide a broader group of donors with the opportunity to participate, a three-year step-up program has been established. Those currently not giving $2,400 may enter the council by giving $1,600 the first year, $2,000 the second year and $2,400 by year three.

  • Focuses on education through volunteer engagements and one-on-one involvement with youth in our community.
  • Sponsors Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, which provides a free, age-appropriate book every month for children from birth to age 5 in selected neighborhoods. We currently provide books to more than 1,500 children each month, with plans to expand to more than 5,000 children throughout the metro area in the next five years.
  • Encourages members to join committees for direct involvement in the planning and execution of council events and volunteer opportunities.

For more information about Women's Leadership Council, please contact Susie Bower at (816) 559-4733.

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Including Young Leaders Society, African American Leadership Initiative, and Latino Leadership Initiative plus other leadership donors of all ages, LeadUnited provides the foundation to a better Kansas City with a generous gift between $1,200 and $9,999 annually. This membership level starts at $25 per week and allows you to join a dynamic group of people focused on tackling the community’s most pressing issues.

Together, we ensure that children have the best opportunities to succeed, families have the tools to build a solid foundation, and everyone gets to live with the hope and dignity they deserve.

  • Attend social events, bus tours, volunteer and family events
  • Get exclusive access to top civic leaders
  • Become an advocate for change in our community

For more information about Young Leaders Society, please contact Stephanie Miller at (816) 559-4633.

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The Caring Club

The Caring Club is our way of saying "Thank You" for giving a minimum gift of $192 annually to the Community Care Fund. With the Caring Club card, you will receive discounts from many local businesses.

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