We take our role as a trusted community leader very seriously and are committed to high standards of accountability and transparency.

2017 Form 990

We’re an independent 501(c) (3) organization founded and governed by local volunteers to help people in our community. We are also a member of United Way Worldwide and annually complete certification of strict membership requirements.

Where Donations Go

Where Donations Go

You can count on United Way of Greater Kansas City (UWGKC) to be accountable for the dollars you entrust to us. We're very proud of our record of efficiency and strive to be completely transparent to the donors that place their confidence and hard-earned money in our care to use as effectively as possible in our community.

The Better Business Bureau recommends that a nonprofit spend at least 65 percent of its annual expenses on program activity, while the American Institute of Philanthropy sets its minimum standard at 60 percent of expenses. United Way of Greater Kansas City is proud that 88% of our overall budget goes to programs and services.

United Way of Greater Kansas City is a local organization, overseen by a Board of Trustees made up of local community leaders. It is these same volunteers, plus many others, who helped to create our strategic plan as well as our Community Impact Agenda. Volunteers also help determine how the dollars we raise each year are invested in accordance with that agenda.

United Way of Greater Kansas City's 2016-2017 Budget

Program Allocations and Grants - 44%

In 2016-2017, United Way of Greater Kansas City is providing financial support to more than 300 programs through allocations and other grants in the following impact areas:

  • Education: Ensuring children and youth attain their full potential
  • Income: People achieve financial independence and stability
  • Health: People and their neighborhoods are safe, healthy and thriving

Program Services - 16%

Programs and services provided by United Way directly link people to assistance, volunteer opportunities, labor relations and planning. This includes United Way 2-1-1, an easy-to-remember central phone number and website connecting people to available community resources and volunteer opportunities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In addition, program services include community change strategies in each of our three impact areas, which are partnerships focused on making measurable improvement on specific community issues.

Donor Designations - 20%

Honoring donors' requests to direct their gifts to specific nonprofit agencies.

Combined Federal Campaign - 8%

Honoring federal employees' requests to direct their gifts to specific nonprofits through their workplace campaigns.

Fundraising and Administration - 12%

The utilization of thousands of volunteers results in minimizing staffing costs related to fundraising and administration, keeping overhead much lower than the national average for charities.

Our administrative costs include dues of 1 percent to United Way Worldwide, a national organization that functions much like a trade association, providing support to local United Ways. While UWGKC is locally governed, organized and operated, as a member of United Way Worldwide, we receive access to national advertising, research, staff training and other services.

* Based upon the 2016-2017 United Way of Greater Kansas City budget