Donor Designation Policy


The option to designate is a service that United Way offers to donors. Donor choice policies strive to balance the wishes of donors for the distribution of their charitable giving and the needs of the overall community. Designations are handled as a separate funding stream for agencies, which receive donor designated dollars over and above their allocations from the Community Care Fund.

Corporate Designations

United Way of Greater Kansas City desires to work with corporations to help them reach their social responsibility goals. To that end, United Way offers designations to United Way's Community Care Fund or specific Community Impact Areas.

Affiliated Agencies

United Way of Greater Kansas City offers individual donors the opportunity to designate to any member agency, agencies with a formal agreement with United Way of Greater Kansas City, or other United Ways.

Unaffiliated Agencies

Your gift may be directed to another United Way or to any qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit agency. United Way of Greater Kansas City has the right to refuse a designation request to an unaffiliated agency. Please note that agencies are not accountable to United Way for donor-directed gifts.

Community Impact Areas

Donors may designate Community Impact Areas that are determined by the board of the United Way of Greater Kansas City. Click here to read more about our Community Impact Areas.

Administration and Fundraising Expenses

All effective organizations incur expenses for administration and fundraising. Designated gifts to agencies are reduced by the actual fundraising and administrative expenses of United Way of Greater Kansas City. Funds forwarded to agencies are based on actual collections net of the administrative and fundraising expense. (See also policy related to Tocqueville Society designations.)

Tocqueville Designations

Members of the Tocqueville Society (those who give $10,000 or more to United Way annually) will not be charged administrative or fundraising fees on their designations to agencies. As a result, funds forwarded to agencies are equal to actual collections.

To be recognized as a member of the Tocqueville Society, a significant portion of a donor’s gift must be designated to the Community Care Fund, a Community Impact Area, or remain undesignated (Undesignated dollars are allocated to the Community Care Fund) as follows:

Total Giving Level Minimum Community Care Fund/Community Impact Portion

  • $10,000 to $24,999 - 50%
  • $25,000 to $49,999 - $12,500 + 40% of amount over $25,000
  • $50,000 or more - $22,500 + 30% of amount over $50,000

(This policy is subject to grandfathering of a limited number of specific long-term Tocqueville Society donors. Donors who are not grandfathered are expected to contribute a minimum of $5,000 annually to the Community Care Fund in order to maintain membership in the Tocqueville Society.)